Vanity unit – what is in the box?

Vanity unit – what is in the box?

In this post, we would like to show how a vanity unit is packed and demonstrate more details about how they are actually built.

Each vanity unit comes in at least 2 boxes sometimes 3.

One box is for vanity cabinet and second, for washbasin, the third box is used if a vanity unit has a worktop – like this one. All elements are packed in cardboard boxes with expanded polystyrene used as extra padding.

Bolts for fixing the vanity unit to the wall are also attached as well as all screws needed to fix worktop to the cabinet body.

For our bathroom, we bought a vanity unit from Focus Fino line. This unit is 120 cm long and has a worktop, it is packed in 3 boxes.

See photos below.

Box number one:

This box contains the main unit, you can see a vanity without a worktop or a washbasin. Handles are fixed but backwards -they are inside the unit.

Vanity unit in a box
Vanity unit packed in a box

In the photos below, you can see the internal structure of the vanity unit.

back of the vanity unit
Drawers seen from the back

Drawers from the inside

top of the vanity unit
Drawers again

Wall brackets for an installation

wall bracket
Wall bracket

Box number two:

In this box, there is a worktop only, packed in expanded polystyrene as you can see on the second photo.

Worktop in a box
Worktop in a box
Worktop in a box
Additional padding

Third box:

A washbasin is packed in this box, it is wrapped in cling film.

Washbasin in cling film
Back of the washbasin
manufacturers label

A washbasin comes with overflow kit that has to be fitted when fixing the washbasin to cabinet body.

There is also in instruction how to regulate drawers and a warranty card.

If you have any question please let us know in the comments.


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