Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to assemble the furniture myself?

No, our furniture is assembled and pre-adjusted, ready for installation. The set includes wall plugs and screws to install the cabinet to the wall. In series, in which hanging cabinets and shelves have a door with a universal opening side, it is only necessary to screw the door and the handle on the side you want, specifying the opening to the left or right side. After installing the furniture in the bathroom, it may be necessary to finally adjust the drawers and doors so they are leveled. The regulation method can be found in our guide.

What is a silent closing system?

A silent closing system is a function that we use in our cabinets and vanity units. All drawers in our bathroom cabinets close smoothly thanks to the use of pneumatic runners. In this system drawers can fully extend, the entire usable space of the drawer can be fully used. The drawer is mounted on pneumatic runners. They have a built-in pneumatic mechanism which, when pressed gently, pulls the drawer to the cabinet body, causing it to close completely. The drawer slows down in the final closing phase to close almost silently. The use of a silent closing system in vanity units and cabinets not only increases the comfort of their use but also guarantees longer product life. The silent closing system is also used in all hinges, which makes the doors in the cabinets and storage units to close smoothly and almost silently.

At what height should I install a vanity unit?

As standard, vanity units are installed at a height of 85 cm above the floor (the dimension is determined by the upper outer edge of the basin). These are of course recommendations that do not have to be strictly adhered to. Very tall or very short people may hang the sink a bit lower or higher so that the use of it is the most convenient for them.

What does the “universal opening side” on the cabinets mean?

In most of our series in hanging cabinets and storage units, the doors are not permanently installed. Upon delivery, you receive a finished product, which only requires screwing the door on the side you want and fixing the handle. Detailed instructions can be found in the received set.

Is our furniture waterproof?

Our bathroom furniture is moisture resistant. Made of MDF board covered with a special water-resistant furniture foil. MDF board is very durable for everyday use in a bathroom. Our furniture used with care will fulfill its function for a long time. The furniture is not resistant to flooding and should not be exposed to prolonged and permanent contact with water.

What is an MDF board?

Our furniture is mostly made of MDF. Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. High quality, homogeneous composition, and high density are the features that make use of this material in the production of bathroom furniture. This board can be easily cut, drilled, and shaped to create great detail, even the most complicated shape while maintaining dimensional stability. It allows us to obtain various profiles and it is a substitute for natural wood. MDF has a homogeneous, smooth surface, prepared for further processing which is, among other things, foil-lining.

What is the furniture foil?

Furniture foil is a professional material produced for the needs of the furniture market with a wide application in the production of furniture, doors, window frames, wall panels, window sills, etc. Films with printed decorative material are impregnated with resins and varnished to give them the best strength parameters (resistance to various conditions), strokes, abrasion, etc. The material prepared in the appropriate technological process is “embedded” in the MDF form, creating a permanent surface of our bathroom cabinets.

Furniture foil – advantages:

  • attractive appearance
  • easy to keep clean
  • resistance to damage and dirt
  • protection of sensitive surfaces at the contact with the basin and at the bottom edge of the cabinet (protection against moisture penetration)
  • repeatability of pattern and color.

The foil on the fronts and sides of the cabinets perfectly protects the furniture surfaces from direct moisture. All edges of the cabinets are covered with a uniform and durable film coating that prevents moisture from penetrating into the MDF structure. Thanks to the use of furniture foil, our bathroom cabinets are characterized by long life and functionality. The technology we use in the production of our furniture prevents the bodies and fronts of the cabinets from swelling when assembling and using the product in accordance with the instructions.

Dolomite washbasins – what are they? What are the differences in relation to ceramic washbasins?

Dolomite washbasins are conglomerate sinks. They are produced from polyester resins filled with calcium and magnesium carbonates and quartz flour with various granulation rates. Physical and chemical properties of polyester conglomerates have features similar to natural granite. In many respects, it outweighs granite (eg the lack of micropores found in natural granites, which are the habitat of bacterias). The top surface is covered with a layer of sanitary coating. The external coating is dyed in the technological process and is characterized by high hardness, high gloss and it is easy to clean. The color is resistant to the influence of UV radiation. The distinctive feature of dolomite washbasins from ceramic counterparts is the ability to give them attractive shapes. They have clear, straight edges and a smooth surface. As a result, such sinks are especially attractive to bathroom furniture.

How do you clean dolomite sinks?

Dolomite washbasins should be cleaned with a regular liquid cleaner intended for cleaning bathroom sinks. It is not recommended to use cleaning agents containing abrasives. Washbasins should not be exposed to acids, ammonia, sanitary cleaners, or chlorine compounds. Strong colorants like hair dyes or nail polishes may cause permanent discoloration. Dolomite products are suitable for polishing. If you scratch the surface of the washbasin it can be repaired with a special repairing product. Later you can wax the repaired sink with a colorless agent intended for the care of car bodies (car wax).

Will standard tap and waste fit the sink?

Sinks are made to EU standards, which means that any EU tap will fit the sink. The same with connecting the siphon. The size of the hole for the tap is 35 mm, for the waste is 44mm.

How to mount a washbasin on the cabinet?

A washbasin that you purchase with our cabinets should be placed on the cabinet only with the use of sanitary silicone. There is no need for additional mounting of the sink to the wall. The silicone is placed on the edges of the cabinet, then a washbasin is put in place. The excess of the silicone is then removed using a special tool. This joint will prevent the sink from moving and protect the cabinet edges from moisture. A detailed method of assembling the sink is presented in our instructional video.

Is there a siphon in the set with the sink?

No, there are no siphons attached to the washbasin. The set includes only an external transfer to the sink (overflow connection). The type of installed siphon must be chosen for a specific sanitary installation. There are differences in the way they are attached, the height of the outlet, or its diameter. It is necessary to measure the available space and to match the type of siphon. You can install standard siphons to our sinks.